Ntchisi Forest Lodge

As discussed in my post about the gravity fed water system we visited in Ntchisi, there is a tourist lodge in the Ntchisi Forest Reserve. While we were there visiting the system, Garrett, his co-workers, and I stopped in for a quick visit.

When we came up on the place, I was absolutely floored by how nice it was. The building that now houses the Ntchisi Forest Lodge was built in the 1920s, when Malawi was still the British Colony of Nyasaland. The Ntchisi District at that time was part of the Nkhotakota District, which has its capital right on Lake Malawi. Apparently, being on the lake was too hot for the British District Commissioner during the Malawian summer, and so he built this building as his summer home. Since then it has been used for forestry purposes, before being converted to a guest house. The following are some pictures.

FieldVisit_March12_2009 098 The lodge.

FieldVisit_March12_2009 102 Alternative energy technologies (an effect of partial Danish ownership?)

FieldVisit_March12_2009 097 Backyard for camping.

FieldVisit_March12_2009 088 One of the rooms (photo doesn’t do it justice).

FieldVisit_March12_2009 090 Dining area.

FieldVisit_March12_2009 094 Sun porch, w/ bar in background.

FieldVisit_March12_2009 096 View from the sun porch (apparently clearer days you can see Lake Malawi, 50km away, and the mountains of Mozambique on the other side).

Another thing worth mentioning is the Ntchisi Forest Reserve itself. Most of Malawi is very deforested. The Forest Reserve, on the other hand, shows a glimpse of what the country might look like with less environmental pressure. I’ll finish this post off with a few pictures, although like most things in this tourism section of my blog, there’s no substitute for a real visit. This reserve is just one of many treasures in Malawi; it’s not even on the radar compared to other attractions. Still though, Garrett and I thought it was pretty amazing, and spent much of the visit craning our necks to take it all in. Hopefully more field visits will take us to places this beautiful in the future.

FieldVisit_March12_2009 044 Forest (kind of a big deal for Malawi)

FieldVisit_March12_2009 024 View on the drive up the mountain.



  1. Looks pretty sweet man. Nice vacation home.

    What exactly are all of the environmental pressures going on in Africa. I know dry spells and lack of water are two things going on there, but are there a lot more?