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This blog is about my work overseas with Engineers Without Borders (EWB) Canada, and about my life and thoughts more generally. This blog is not an official publication of EWB Canada. Posts on this blog represent my own thinking only, not that of the organization I work for.

To give me the freedom to write for a few different (and possibly distinct) audiences, I’ve split my posts up into 5 different categories.

Thoughts and Stories – The main section of this blog. This has stories about my life in Malawi, and things I’m thinking about relating to my life and work.

Work and Approach – More technical posts about the work I’m doing with EWB and our partners, and about the water supply sector in Malawi. Many of these posts are targeted specifically at EWB members in Canada who want to learn more about our work.

Technology Notes – From the engineer in me, notes about some of the technologies I’m encountering in the water supply sector in Malawi. I figure I have enough nerdy friends that someone will find this interesting.

Backpack Malawi – This country is beautiful, and I think more people should come down here and see it. I don’t get much vacation, but whatever I do manage to see, I’ll share here. Hopefully this will lead to more travelers coming down this way.

Random Thoughts – Things I’m thinking about, that aren’t really related to my life or work in Malawi, but that I think are worth sharing anyways. Call this the “random” category. (That’s why I chose the title).


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