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I’m usually against memorization exercises in school, but I really feel one place the Canadian school system could use more of them is in geography.

How many countries in Africa can you name? You know I’m working in Malawi (hopefully), but how fast can you find Malawi on a map?

Well, give it a try. Seriously, if you’re from my generation, and you’re on a computer reading this, then we both know you’re probably just killing time. So kill a little more, and learn something while you’re at it.

This game helped me go from knowing a couple countries in Africa, to being able to find them all easily – and it didn’t take long at all. Give it a try. Then, next time you hear about Togo, Djibouti, or Swaziland on the news, you’ll know the location their talking about.

More posts coming. I think I’m back in blogging action.



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