The Ethical Ocean

Dear blog readers, whoever you are.

Just this week, an old friend asked for my help promoting a new project. Since it’s a really cool project, I figured…sure.

The project is The Ethical Ocean – an online market place for ethically traded goods. Seriously, after trying (unsuccessfully) for months to find a good pair of animal-product free dress shoes last fall, I’m pretty glad this exists. And whether it’s animal-rights, fair trade, or concern for the environment that motivates your shopping, this is the place to look.

So check it out. Explore a little. Help make the first week a success.

For those who want more detail, below is a message from my friend:

The concept for my site is simple; North Americans are becoming increasingly aware of the importance of how they spend their dollars.  Companies like Apple and Cadbury have shifted to focus not only on profit, but also on ethical values like eco-friendly goods and fair trade goods; this speaks volumes of how consumers' mindsets have changed when evaluating products.  Unfortunately, shopping according to your values still isn't easy.  Businesses selling ethical products, though growing rapidly, are still badly fragmented and it is difficult to consistently purchase a wide range of products that align with what you believe it.  That is where Ethical Ocean comes in.  My site brings together quality vendors, selling products with ethical values that you care about.  I believe strongly that the transformation that will take place in consumerism will be realized as a community action, and Ethical Ocean is built around a community foundation, where buyers, sellers and experts can discuss and interact.  Please pay us a visit. I hope you'll find some products that interest you. If you know other people or companies that would also be interested in the site, please pass this message on WIDELY as this is our first day in business!



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